Board of Directors

Board of Directors’s Objectives:

  • Because of engaged, thoughtful, and mission-driven Board members the Youth Center, Inc. has been able to serve youth and their families for over thirty-three years.  The Youth Center utilizes board member’s expertise to ensure the Youth Center’s performance in three key areas; Fiduciary, Strategic and Generative.
  • Ensure efficient and appropriate use of resources
  • Ensure legal compliance and fiscal accountability
  • Ensure adherence to all legal, ethical and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure program areas (Drop-In Program, Outreach to Schools, Classes and Field Trips and Special Events) have the resources they need to accomplish prescribed outcomes
  • Ensure success of the Youth Center, Inc.’s organizational  benchmarks.  Take part in the thoughtful revision of the Strategic plan every five years
  • Seek internal and external environments for use of communication and marketing
  • Monitor performance in the areas of staff, programs and strategic plan