We are committed to preparing our youth to be skilled caring and involved individuals who will develop into the leaders of tomorrow!
We have a group of extraordinary staff members who ensure that all members of the youth center are treated with respect and dignity.
Your donation in our community makes a difference!
> Year-round places for young people to go for educational enrichment and recreation after school & during vacations
> Homework help and tutoring for underperforming students Field trips to recreational and educational venues
> Experienced and quality staff Membership to individuals or entire families
> Children provided with the supplies and equipment they need Service and volunteer opportunities for local college students
Did you know that by donating just...
  • $35 - a child can attend one session of swim lessons.
  • $50 - can provide our teens dinner for a week.
  • $75 - a family can be members.
  • $75 - a child can attend one week of summer camp.
  • $200 - provides a teen with an educational field trip.